GoReleaser Pro

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GoReleaser Pro provides extra features over its OpenSource version.

If you buy this, you'll get the exclusive features listed below, plus the features already available in the OpenSource version. You will also be helping us towards making GoReleaser a sustainable project.

With GoReleaser Pro you can:

The license allows you to use all current and future GoReleaser Pro features as long as your subscription is active.


  1. Can I pay yearly/monthly? Yes! You can choose between options at checkout time.
  2. Do I loose access when I stop paying? Yes. GoReleaser Pro works as subscription, you can use any version as long as your subscription is active.
  3. Do you sell enterprise support? That can be arranged, yes. Please contact me to discuss it.
  4. I contributed to GoReleaser OSS, can I get a discount? We deeply appreciate all contributors, please contact me so I can get you a discounted link.
  5. Do you have an EULA? Yes, you can read it at https://goreleaser.com/eula/
  6. Can I request more features? Yes. It's not guaranteed they'll be implemented, but you can ask for them via e-mail, Discord, or in the GoReleaser GitHub repository. Just make sure to mention you're a Pro user.
  7. Can I pay via SWIFT? Yes, but since I then have to manage a bunch of things manually, it'll have a 5% price increase + the international transfer fees (usually $20), and can only sell yearly, enterprise plans.
Sorry, the discount code you wish to use has expired.
All memberships include a 1 week free trial

Free trial 1 week trial

You have a week of free trial to test it out, so, there's no refunds for new customers.

Last updated Jun 26, 2023

You'll get a GoReleaser Pro license key

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$15 a month

GoReleaser Pro

1 rating